Sometimes, Even Experts Need More.

RouteMatch offers our clients an opportunity to further maximize the value of their investment beyond contracted customer support. RouteMatch Advanced Consulting is a team that delivers a holistic assessment of a transit agency’s business process and staffing needs. The team works with clients to identify areas where  technical customizations may yield dramatic improvements in operational efficiencies.

RouteMatch Advanced Consulting is ideal for customers who feel that they would benefit from more concentrated consultations from business process and technical experts. Other common triggers that spur this need are staff changes, additions or inheritance of new routes or services, or executive management changes.


Increase Productivity
Your agency may be fluent in certain areas of the software, but feel that more functions of the software can be utilized.

Identify Gaps in Operations and Business Processes
Provide solutions that are better suited beyond work arounds.

Intensify or “Fast-track” Training
Often, staff turnover arises, leaving knowledge gaps at a transit agency. RouteMatch Advanced Consulting can provide intense and focused training to ramp up new staff, or provide staff who could use new techniques to keep operations running smoothly and gain greater ROI.

Keep up with Program Changes
RouteMatch can work with you to grow with your agency’s expanding needs due to policy changes, new customers, or new service providers where new billing or reporting requirements may be needed.

Utilize Funding
Utilize funding eligibility for additional training specific to your needs.






“RouteMatch does a good job of hearing out our challenges, and through their RouteMatch Advanced Consulting, they have been able to explain and navigate us through concentrated areas where we needed extra help. We have been able to experience a jump in productivity by 25% in number of passengers per revenue hour just in the past four weeks and are noticing constant improvements in scheduling. These are hard numbers that really make an impact. We are also working on ways to engage our operators so they can even get greater utilization of our system, and improve our use of RouteMatch’s billing tools. Any type of software requires education and training, and we always have to look at how we use RouteMatch from a fresh perspective. Our relationship with RouteMatch has truly become a partnership, and I am excited about our future plans moving forward.”

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